Why You Should Lease a Used Car for Your Teen

Why You Should Lease a Used Car for Your Teen post
June 29, 2022 | Used Leasing

Time for your teen to get behind the wheel in a vehicle of their own? Buying a first car is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a teen, but it can be a stressful one for parents. Teens always want the best car possible—something fun and new—but cars have never been more expensive. How can you get your teen a safe, reliable, and even trendy ride? Leasing used is the answer. Here are four reasons why you should lease a used car for your teen.

Used Cars Are Affordable

Leasing used saves you money in a variety of ways. Rather than buying a vehicle outright and paying outrageous dealer markups, it’s more affordable to lease. When you lease a vehicle, your monthly payments cover depreciation as you use the vehicle. Most vehicle depreciation occurs during the first one or two years a car is on the road. When you lease used, you avoid paying for the most significant depreciation on your vehicle—that’s why monthly payments on used car leases are so much lower.

More Car for Your Money

When you lease used, you get more car for your dollar. Since used cars for lease are often just one or two years old, the technology is still up to date. Your young driver will get all the driver assistance, safety features, and infotainment available today. What teen can say no to that?

Safety First

When you lease used, you get a new-ish vehicle with the latest safety features. The cars available to lease used often have high safety ratings that hold up to all the safety standards that new cars do. You’ll have peace of mind that your new driver is behind the wheel of a safe, reliable vehicle.

Lower Insurance

Car insurance isn’t cheap, especially if you’re a new driver. Teenagers are expensive to insure as it is, but the cost of new car insurance brings the price even higher. By leasing used, your teen instantly saves money on their car insurance premiums. Instead of buying new—and paying high premiums to cover depreciation value and your teen driver—lease used to save on these expenses.

Leasing Used Is the Best Option for Your Teen Driver—and Your Wallet

Buying a first car is an exciting experience for every teenager, and if you want to ensure your young driver is getting the best car for your money, leasing used is an excellent option. Not only will you spend less money by leasing used, but you’ll get all of today’s essential tech and safety features, too. Looking for a dealer near you who offers used car leasing? Reach out to the used car leasing financing professionals at Drivrz Financial today, and we’ll connect you with a dealer in your area. Call today at (800) 436-0476!

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