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  • On behalf of our dealership, Drivrz Financial is an amazing program, we have had nothing but a great experience. The customer service and staff is always ready to assist with quick response time. Ultimately, Drivrz Financial makes us want to do business with them because they help maximize our deals and put more cars on the road which therefore has lead us to be more successful.

    Peter Maytin

    General Sales Manager, Ocean Automotive Group

    Doral, FL June 10, 2021

  • Drivrz Financial has expanded my business immensely. Not only financially but exposure to more car buyers. Right now is the perfect climate for used car leasing. I'm protecting my clients from negative equity while also providing them lower monthly payments. With the Drivrz Financial lease program I'm creating used car customer retention to ensure my future growth. I consider relationships to be a priority for success and I'm proud to have a partnership with Drivrz Financial.

    Rudy Treminio

    Partner, Brooklyn VW

    Brooklyn, NY June 8, 2021

  • I just want to take a moment to share what an exceptional company Drivrz Financial truly is. The Drivrz Financial program has helped us maximize profits and make sales. Their staff is understanding and experienced and willing to help us succeed!

    Tony Salem

    General Sales Manager, Universal City Nissan

    Los Angeles, CA June 8, 2021

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