What Is the Oldest Car You Can Lease?

What Is the Oldest Car You Can Lease? post
October 28, 2022 | Used Leasing

With the sticker price of cars higher than ever, getting a new-to-you vehicle on a budget can seem like a challenge. If you’re looking for a great car, but you don’t want to break the bank, leasing a used vehicle is the solution. It’s more affordable than buying or leasing new, so you can get a better car for your money. But how old are the cars available to lease used? Read on for all the answers and to learn all about the benefits of leasing used.

What Is the Oldest Car You Can Lease Used?

Many people don’t know that leasing a used vehicle is becoming more common and popular than ever. After all, you can get a nearly new car, truck, or SUV with all the features you need for a comfortable, safe ride, all at a much lower price than leasing new.

In general, you can lease a used vehicle that’s up to five years old. Typically, there’s also a mileage limit. For example, if you’re leasing a car that’s four years old, it should have an odometer reading of no more than 48,000 miles. Most used car leases are certified pre-owned vehicles that have only been on the road for a few years. That means you can find a car with the latest technology and safety features you’re looking for, without going over your budget.

Why Lease Used?

With the cost of a new car nearing $40,000, it’s no surprise that more drivers are looking for used vehicles. But what if you don’t want to hand over all that cash—and pay high interest rates—to buy a car? Leasing used is a great alternative for the following reasons:

  • Save money. You save money in a variety of ways when you lease used. Your monthly payments are lower since you have less of a depreciation gap to cover as you use the vehicle. You’ll also enjoy lower insurance payments every month.
  • Repairs are covered. If you’re willing to negotiate with dealerships, you can often include coverage for significant repairs in your lease agreement. You’ll never have to worry about paying the price when unexpected repairs arise.
  • Get a new car more often. Most used car leases allow you to use the vehicle for two years, but the length of your lease term depends on the agreement you make at the dealership. If you stick with a traditional two-year lease, you’ll be able to get a new-to-you car more often, so you can constantly stay up to date with the latest comfort, infotainment, and safety features.

Lease a Used Vehicle and Save Money

If you’re searching for a new set of wheels and you’re sticking to a tight budget, leasing used is the sensible solution. There’s no easier, more affordable way to drive off in a great ride that you can be proud of! Take the first step today and contact the used car leasing financing experts at Drivrz Financial at (800) 436-0476. We’re ready to connect you to a participating dealer near you!

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