The Best Used VWs To Lease

The Best Used VWs To Lease post
January 19, 2022 | Used Leasing

Volkswagen cars have been a consumer favorite across the United States for generations thanks to their reliability, reduced fuel consumption, and easy maintenance. And for many people, the iconic Beetle put VW on the map in the automobile market. They’re a great option if you’re looking for a car that lasts and doesn’t have expensive repairs—plus, they’re really fun to drive. 

The used car leasing financing pros at Drivrz Financial have put together a list of the best used VWs to lease by year so that you can make the best choice for your needs. 

This is our list of the top VWs by year. 

1950-1979 Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus

The Type 2 Microbus was based on the mechanics of the Beetle, but other than that, it was entirely new. It’s actually where VW started designing their commercial trucks and vans. From the Transporter that came with a split window windshield to the VW Bus, they’re famous for their spacious interior and dependability. It’s also perfect for those quirky cross-country road trips.

1979-1984 Volkswagen Jetta

Thanks to its reliability, the Jetta has been a teenager’s first car for many families in America. Sadly, the first generation of the Jetta didn’t entirely take off until the second generation was released in 1985. Still, the first-generation Jetta is practical and sporty, and with the Jetta GLI, you’ll find a fuel-injected, 90-horsepower engine and 5-speed manual transmission. 

1983-Present Volkswagen GTI

This hatchback coupe is still popular with VW lovers today. Built to be fast, agile, and fun to drive, the GTI comes in many different iterations. If you’re looking for sports handling and performance, the Rabbit hugs corners like a boss. 

1998-2011 New Beetle

With the New Beetle, VW got the injection of change it needed while reminding people of this timeless classic and why they loved Volkswagens in the days of old. Fun fact: it’s actually not related at all to the original Beetle and is built to sit on a Golf platform. However, it looked like the original Beetle, complete with a flower vase on the dashboard! 

2002-Present Volkswagen Golf R

The present Golf R hatchback comes with a 292-horsepower, all-wheel drive engine that goes from 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds. And it hugs corners better than the GTI. It’s like a GTI on steroids in many ways. If you’re looking for the ultimate in sports performance, then the Golf R is the way to go. 

1950-1979 Volkswagen Beetle

VW did something unique with the Beetle. It made a car well and made it often. If you’re looking for a classic car that packs a punch and comes with all the style you could want, these Beetle years are the way to go. With the rounded body shape and curves to die for, the Beetle still grabs the attention of everyone you zip by. 

No matter what stage of your car search you’re in, these used VWs are a great place to start. Some may be hard to find, but when you do, you’ll be surprised at all they have to offer, even for an older vehicle. 

And when you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal and get behind the wheel of your favorite used VW, be sure to call the used car leasing financial pros at Drivrz Financial at 1-800-436-0476.

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