Save Money by Leasing a Used Hybrid Today

Save Money by Leasing a Used Hybrid Today post
July 20, 2022 | Used Leasing

In the market for a new-to-you car? With the price of cars at an all-time high, not to mention the price of gas, it’s never been a better time to lease a used hybrid vehicle. Hybrids come in a full range of variations and attributes. Whether you’re looking for a compact car to push your fuel savings to the maximum, or you’re searching for an SUV that accommodates the entire family, it’s not hard to find a used hybrid that meets your needs. Read on to discover how leasing a used hybrid can save you money.

Why Go Hybrid Right Now?

Even when gas prices are low, the cost to fill up your tank can be expensive. A hybrid vehicle includes many design features that keep fuel consumption to a minimum. They have electric motors that aid in fuel efficiency, providing more torque and power especially when you accelerate. Regenerative braking also boosts a hybrid’s energy efficiency, recharging the battery through the energy released during braking. Not only does this save on fuel, but it also reduces emissions.

Most notably, hybrids are also powered with a battery that delivers enough energy to power up the vehicle and provides auxiliary loads that reduce engine idling frequency when stationary. In short, hybrids are designed to keep your fuel consumption at a minimum, providing you with exceptional savings.

Why Lease a Used Hybrid?

There are many reasons why leasing a used vehicle—whether hybrid or not—is a smart idea. Here are just some of the advantages of leasing used:

  • Low Payments: Buying a vehicle outright is expensive, and leasing a used vehicle is, too. When you lease a vehicle, the bulk of your monthly payments goes toward depreciation. Since most depreciation occurs during the first few years a vehicle is on the road, you have less of a depreciation gap to cover when you lease used.
  • Maintenance Is Covered: If you negotiate a favorable lease agreement with a dealer near you, you can often get coverage for major repairs. It’s no secret that the older a vehicle gets, the more maintenance it needs. When you negotiate a lease agreement with your dealer, ask for comprehensive breakdown or repair coverage as part of the deal.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums: Since used cars cost less than new ones and often have lower depreciation rates, you’ll also save on your monthly insurance premiums when you lease used.

Find a Used Hybrid and Start Saving Money Today!

Ready to ditch your gas guzzler and save money by leasing a used hybrid? The time is ripe to make the switch to a hybrid vehicle, and you can do it affordably by leasing used. Looking for a dealer near you that offers used car leasing? Talk to the used car leasing professionals at

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