How Leasing a Used Car Can Save You Money

How Leasing a Used Car Can Save You Money post
September 15, 2021 | Used Leasing

When it comes to buying your next car, it can feel like there aren’t enough options you can afford in the market out there today. The last year has turned the used car market entirely upside down and made it a complete seller’s market. But the fact is, no matter where you live in the United States, you need a car to get around, whether it’s for your job, to take the kids to school or extra-curricular activities, and more. 

So how can you get a car in excellent condition that you know will work and has all the safety, comfort, and entertainment features you want and that you can afford? It feels like there should be some magical solution, right? 

In a way, there is. Leasing a used car is one of the best ways to get all those things and more in a vehicle that is only a couple of years old at most. Your friends at Drivrz Financial are used car leasing experts, and we understand how difficult this conundrum can be during your search for a car. This is why today; we’re going to quickly outline how leasing a used vehicle can save you money while ensuring you get everything you want!

Low Monthly Payments

Whether you’re looking at buying a new or used car, the fact is that unless you have a massive cash reserve, financing is probably going to be the choice you make to get behind the wheel. Leasing a used vehicle provides a great way to get more car for your dollar. However, financing a vehicle in many cases requires a large amount of money upfront as a down payment, and then you can still have high monthly payments. 

But leasing a used vehicle has lower monthly payments thanks to the lower amount of depreciation that happens when you are leasing. 

Lower Insurance Costs

Did you know that your insurance costs are primarily based on the value of the car you’re driving? A more expensive car costs more to replace than a less expensive one. So, by leasing a used car, you won’t have to pay higher insurance premiums. Your car drives just as well as buying a new one, yet you aren’t shelling out half a fortune every month to have it insured. 

Lower Repair Costs Over Time

Taking the route of leasing your next vehicle used means you’re getting a car that’s in far better condition than a typical used car that you would buy privately. Typically, used car leases are done using vehicles that were leased when they were brand-new. This means that the car has been kept up to date on maintenance and repairs, and the dealership you’re leasing from can provide a complete, comprehensive report on any repairs and maintenance done before you choose to lease it yourself. 

These are just a few of the fantastic ways that leasing a used car can save you money right away! If you’re searching for a used vehicle to lease, be sure that you trust your leasing financing to the pros at Drivrz Financial! No matter where you live in the United States, we’ve got options for you!

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