5 Reasons to Lease a Used Tesla

5 Reasons to Lease a Used Tesla post
December 10, 2021 | Used Leasing

For many car buyers, used is the way to save money and still get a car they otherwise normally couldn’t afford. But no matter where you’re shopping for a used car in America, you may be curious if buying a used electric vehicle is worth the investment? Or does it come with too many risks? 

Since they’ve been around for a few years now, Tesla’s are no longer as rare as they once were. More and more drivers are considering buying a version of this eco-friendly EV thanks to its growing popularity and fantastic performance on the road. 

With so many Teslas on the road—you may even look at one every morning in your neighbor’s driveway or pass by one in your parking garage on the way to work—that also means there is now a market for used Teslas. And you may be wondering if it’s worth it to lease a used Tesla yourself?

Your used car leasing financing pros at Drivrz Financial have compiled this list of our top five reasons to lease a used Tesla and are excited to share them with you today! 

It’s Cheaper Than Buying

Let’s be honest for a moment. Teslas can get super expensive if you’re considering buying one. And we understand why with all the technology packed within them. But leasing a used Tesla means that you get all those high-tech features and comforts that come from your favorite Tesla without having to make the massive upfront investment. 

They’re Still Elite Electric Cars

No matter what Tesla you’re considering buying, they’re still the leader when it comes to driver assistance technology, battery life, supercharging, and overall electric driving technology. Tesla is still considered the top range option available on the market, and whenever you’re driving your leased used Tesla around, the only one who knows it’s leased is you! 

It’s Been Well Taken Care Of

Whether you’ve owned a Tesla before or not, Tesla owners take exceptional care of their cars. That’s because their cars take care of them. Plus, if you’re buying a Tesla, it’s because you are passionate about them. Just ask any Tesla driver. It is doubtful that someone would spend lots of dough on a Tesla only to mistreat it. In many cases, a used Tesla has been looked after even more than usual, with extra care being taken by the previous owner with regular maintenance and repairs as needed and more. 

High Resale Value

Used Tesla’s hold their value. And if you’re considering leasing a used Tesla and you want to buy it after your lease ends, you’re going to be able to still get a car that has held its value. Tesla’s are a hot commodity on the used car market, which means if you wanted to, you could always sell it later. The depreciation is far less in a Tesla, thanks to its very few moving parts and no engine that has a shelf-life and constantly needs repairs. 

They’re Built to Last

One of the most significant selling points for any Tesla owner is the EVs durability. They’re cars that are built with the long-term in mind from the start. Not to have you buy another car in a couple of years when your new one loses all its value. After all, scrapping cars isn’t good for the environment, which is why Tesla’s are built to last. 

While a used Tesla is naturally going to have some miles on the clock, that doesn’t impact the performance of the EV in any way. 

If you’re considering leasing a used Tesla for your next car, be sure to call the used car leasing specialists at Drivrz Financial at 1-800-436-0476 today. We are here to help make your used car leasing experience as stress-free as possible with all your financing needs in one place. And for more on the capabilities and performance of a used Tesla, be sure to check out our blog that discusses the best used EVs on the market!

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