5 Reasons to Lease a Used Land Rover In 2022

5 Reasons to Lease a Used Land Rover In 2022 post
January 3, 2022 | Used Leasing

Whether you’ve driven a Land Rover before or any vehicle in the Range Rover family, you know how dependable, luxurious, and sporty these SUVs can be. With SUVs ranging in size from full-size like the Land Rover to smaller, more soccer mom-friendly Discovery, these SUVs are an excellent choice for luxury that comes with a hefty price tag. 

Land Rover is at the top of the list when it comes to off-roading SUVs. So, if looking for a fun, stylish, and durable vehicle to drive anywhere in the United States and on any road, then Land Rover is the best place to start! 

You may have already had your eye on a Land Rover but buying one brand-new doesn’t make financial sense for you. Your friends at Drivrz Financial are here to tell you there is another option that can quickly get you behind the wheel of your dream Land Rover without all the upfront costs and high monthly payments—leasing a used one! 

Today, we wanted to look at five reasons to lease a used Land Rover in 2022! 

They’re practical

Land Rover has been producing some of the most capable SUVs in their respective categories for decades now. From an elegant and sophisticated business SUV to a comfortable family vehicle with plenty of room onboard, a used Land Rover provides you with all the features and space you need for whatever comes your way. With ample cargo room and trunk space for those long road trips or airport pickups, a used Land Rover is as versatile as it is comfortable and luxurious. 

More Features for Less Money

When you lease a used Land Rover, you’re able to get all the technology and features of a brand-new Land Rover without the high monthly payments or significant down payment. In addition, when you lease a used Land Rover, you’re leasing a model that is only one or two years old without having to worry about financing the depreciation. 

Off-Roading Capabilities

The first Land Rover was designed to be the ultimate off-road vehicle, capable of taking any terrain head-on. And still, to this day, a used Land Rover can be taken anywhere from muddy fields, sandy beaches, and even up mountains. 

Safety Is Their Top Priority

The safety features on this vehicle are top-of-the-line. It comes with standard airbags and child seat latch points in the backseat for when you need car seats there too! A used Land Rover also has forward collision warning sensors, lane departure warning lights, and front automatic emergency braking to provide you with a safe and comfortable driving experience. 

Lower Insurance Costs

Leasing a used Land Rover means you’re able to pay less every month on your car insurance. You’re able to save money every month on your car insurance. That’s because a car’s value is the main determining factor in your insurance rates, and a used Land Rover has far less depreciation than a new one does. Buying used saves on your insurance, plain and simple. 

If you love the Land Rover family of vehicles and want to ring in the new year by driving a Land Rover, the used car leasing specialists at Drivrz Financial are here to help! Call us today at 1-800-436-0476 to find out how we can simplify your entire used car leasing experience and kick off the new year right by driving your favorite Land Rover! 

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