Why Used Car Leasing Is the Smartest Move During COVID

Why Used Car Leasing Is the Smartest Move During COVID post
October 11, 2021 | Uncategorized

Trying to figure out if you should buy or lease a car can be a difficult decision. Whether or not you’re considering buying new or used, you need to understand all the options in front of you before you sign on the dotted line. This is especially true with the state of the used car market that it is today. 

So many used cars are marked up to prices that have skyrocketed over the past year because of COVID and the impact that has had on things like the supply chain and rental car market in Massachusetts. It’s essential that you understand which option is best for you during this time of uncertainty. Lucky for you, your friends at Drivrz Financial are here to help. We’re experts at all things used car leasing financing, and today we’ve put together this little mini-guide to the top reasons why used car leasing is the best decision you could make for your vehicle needs during COVID.

Lower Monthly Payments

With the prices of used cars being so high and the demand being just as high for a top-quality used vehicle, leasing is a great choice. It provides you with the ability to have lower monthly payments while getting more for your money. In addition, because of the high level of depreciation that occurs when a brand-new car is driven off the lot and that your lease payments are based on the amount of depreciation of the vehicle while you’re driving it, your used car lease payments will be lower. These lower monthly payments come in handy during COVID, especially if you’re uncertain about your income levels and if they’ll continue to be in place in the next year. 

Prices Are Too High

In the used vehicle market in Massachusetts today, the prices for a used car are astronomical. Many sellers can pick and choose not only the price they’re selling the car for but who they’re going to sell it to. You almost need to buy the car outright in cash to compete for the more in-demand vehicle makes and models. When you choose, instead, to lease a used car, you’re able to get that exact in-demand top-quality vehicle you’ve always wanted without having to overpay because five other people are trying to buy the same car. 

These are two of the most significant reasons to lease a used car in the state of today’s market during COVID. You never know what the pandemic will throw your way next, so it’s essential to be prepared and ensure that you have a car you love without breaking your budget. The used car leasing specialists at Drivrz Financial are always here to help with many used car leasing financing options to choose from! We get you behind the wheel of that dream car easier than ever before. 

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